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The main equipments and infrastructures of IPC PDF Print E-mail

During the last times, IPC has been acquiring relevant equipments for its research activities, being the mains:

  • Haake Reomix OS600 (Thermo Scientific Inc.)
  • NIR spectrometer Matrix-F (Bruker Opts.) with reflexion probes (Axiom and Hellma) and of transmission (Axiom)
  • SALS system (prototype)
  • Cryogenic mill SPEX 6870
  • Digital Mechanical Mixer IKA RW20
  • Ultrasonic probe Hielscher UP100H
  • Microfluidic laboratory (prototype) – rotational rheometer: Paar Physic MCR300
  • Rheologic Stress Tech
  • TA instruments AGR2
  • Capillary rheometer Rosand
  • DMA Triton
  • DSC – SC Diamond Pyris
  • TGA – TA Q500
  • Two ovens of vacuum Heraeus
  • Analytic balance SCALTEC with kit for determining densities
  • Centrifugal
  • FTIR – Perkin-Elmer 100 Spectrometer with accessories DRIFT, ATR and microscope
  • FTIR Jasco 4100 with accessory ATR
  • Micro-injection Boy 12
  • Micro-injection Babyplast
  • Micro-extruder twin screw
  • Mill Exakt Three Roll 80E/0330
  • Universal testing machine at high speed – Zwick Amster HTM 3712
  • Equipment of electric rotational moulding (prototype)
  • Moulding system Nyrim (prototype)

Other equipments acquired by IPC include:

  • Advanced tank (tank of heating)
  • Pressure pump MCS-100-2C
  • Generating unit and treatment of compressed air
  • High resolution print of jet paint
  • Reactive injection unit Nyrin
  • Gas Diffusion Permeameter DP-100A
  • Extensometer
  • Machining centre Haas OM-2A (with simulator and machining software CAD/CAM)
  • Software Abaqus
  • Tubular Oven Nabertherm GmbH RS80/750/11.
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