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2006 Scientific Output

If you want to download PDF files of these papers, please contact the Secretariat. If you have already received access information, click here to download the PDFs.


At the end of 2006 there were 24 PhD holding members and 70 researchers and post-graduation students working at the Institute, which in that year were responsible for the publication of 68  articles in peer-reviewed journals (15 other were in press), 7 chapters of internationally edited books, and 6 PhD and 6 MSc theses.  Additionally, 72 communications were presented in international scientific conferences, 4 articles were published in national journals, one issue of an international journal was edited, and 3 patents were granted to, or applied for,  by members of IPC.

Book Chapters

1. ALVES, N.M., BÁRTOLO P. J., Virtual Modelling Trough Human Vision Sense. In Research in Interactive Design, X. Fischer, D. Coutellier (Eds.), Springer, 2006. ISBN: 2 287 287728.

2. BÁRTOLO P. J. Rapid Prototyping and Tooling at Portugal. In Wholers Report 2006, Rapid Prototyping, Tooling & Manufacturing State of the Industry, Terry Wohlers, Wohlers Associates, USA, 2006 (ISBN 0-9754429-2-9).

3. BÁRTOLO P. J. State of the Art of Solid Freeform Fabrication for Soft And Hard Tissue Engineering. In Design and Nature III – Comparing design in nature with science and engineering, Edited by C.A. Brebbia, WIT Press, Southampton, UK, 2006. (ISBN: 1 84564 166 3).

4. FERNANDES, C. S., NÓBREGA, M. N. and MAIA, J. M., CFD simulation of stirred yoghurt processing in plate heat exchangers. In Sun, D.-W. (ed.) - Computational Fluid Dynamics in Food Processing. 2006.

5. GASPAR-CUNHA A, GONÇALVES L., COVAS J.A – Application of Evolutionary Algorithms to the Design of Barrier Forms for Single Screw Extruders. In Applied Soft Computing Techniques: the Challenge of Complexity, A. Abraham et al. (Eds.), 2006, Springer.

6. GASPAR-CUNHA A., COVAS J.A – Robutness Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms. In Applications of Soft Computing, A. Tiwari et al. (Eds.), 2006, Springer.

7. SIMÕES, R., DIAS, G. R., VIANA, J. C., CUNHA, A. M., Multi-scale Hierarchical Approach for Mechanical Analysis of Polymeric Materials. In Multiscale Behaviour of Materials and Structures: Analytical, Numerical and Experimental Simulation, G.C. Sih, P.M.S.T. de Castro (Eds.), 2006, p. 229. (ISBN 972-8953-07-0)

International Publications in Peer-reviewed Journals

1 - ALVES N. F.; BÁRTOLO P.J. Integrated Computational Tools For Virtual and Physical Automatic Construction, Automation in Construction, 15, 2006, 257

2 - AMMAR, I.; BEN CHEIKH, R.; CAMPOS, A. R.; CUNHA, A. M. – Injection moulded composites of short alfa fibres and biodegradable blends. Polymer Composites. Vol. 27, nº 4 (2006), p. 341-348  

3 - ANANDA KUMAR, S., BALAKRISHNAN, T., ALAGAR, M., DENCHEV, Z., Development and characterization of silicone/phosphorus modified epoxy materials and their application as anticorrosion and antifouling coatings, Progress in Organic Coatings 55, 2006, 207–217 .

4. ANANDA KUMAR, S., DENCHEV, Z., ALAGAR, M., Synthesis and thermal characterization of phosphorus- containing siliconized epoxy resins, European Polymer Journal 42, 2006, 2419-2429.

5.  BÁRTOLO, P. J., VASCO, J., SILVA, B., GALO, C., Laser Micromachining for Mould Manufacturing: I. The Influence of Operating Conditions, Assembly Automation, 26(3), (2006) p. 227.

6.  BÁRTOLO, P. J., Computer Simulation of Stereolithographic Curing Reactions: Phenomenological Versus Mechanistic Approaches, Annals of the CIRP, 55(1), (2006), p. 221.

7. BENABDALLAH, F., BEN CHEIKH, R., BAKLOUTI, M., DENCHEV, Z, CUNHA, A. M., Characterization of composite materials based on PP-Cork blends, Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites 25, 2006, 1499-1506. 

8. BERZIN F., VERGNES B., CANEVAROLO S. V., MACHADO A. V., COVAS J. A. - Evolution of the Peroxide-Induced Degradation of Polypropylene along a Twin-Screw Extruder: Experimental Data and Theoretical Predictions, J. Appl. Polym. Sci., 99,2006, 2082-2090

9. BILEWICZ M, VIANA J.C., CUNHA A.M., DOBRZANSKI L. A. - Morphology diversity and mechanical response of injection moulded polymer nanocomposites and polymer-polymer composites, J. Achievements in Materials and Manuf. Eng., Vol. 15, nº 1-2, (2006), p. 159-165.

10. BILEWICZ M., VIANA J.C., CUNHA A.M., Non-conventional injection moulding of a PP/PC-ABS blend, Mat. Sci. Forum, vols. 515-516 2006, 858-862.

11 - CANEVAROLO, S. V.; MACHADO, A. V.; COVAS, J. A. - Evolution of Peroxide–induced Thermomechanical Degradation of Polypropylene Along the Extruder, Journal of Applied Polymer Science. Vol. 99 (5) (2006), p. 2082-2090.

12 - CARNEIRO, O. S.; VIANA, J. C.; NÓBREGA, J. M. – Processing-Microstructure-Properties Relationships in Extrusion of Thermoplastics. Mat. Sci. Forum, vols. 514-516 2006, 833-837.

13. CARNEIRO; O. S.; VIANA, J. C.; NÓBREGA, J. M. – A Study on the Processing-Microstructure-Properties Relationships of Extruded Profiles, Plast., Rubber Compos.: Macromol. Eng.

14.  CUNHA A. M., CAMPOS A. R., CRISTÓVÃO C., VILA C., SANTOS V., PARAJÓ J. C., Sustainable Materials in Automotive Applications, Plast., Rubber Compos.:Macromol. Eng., Vol. 35, (2006) p.6/7.

15 - DENCHEV, Z, - In-Situ Composite Materials Based on Oriented Polymer Blends: Preparation, Structure and Properties, Recent Res. Devel. Appl. Pol. Sci., 3, 2006,119-141.

16 - DENCHEVA, N.; DENCHEV, Z., OLIVEIRA, M. J.; FUNARI, S. S - Relationship between Crystalline Structure and Mechanical Behavior in Isotropic and Oriented Polyamide 6, Journal of Applied Polymer Science Vol. 103 (2006), p. 2242-2252.

17 - DOMINGUES N., GASPAR-CUNHA A., COVAS J. A., Modelling of Mixing in Single Screw Extruders, Mat. Sci. Forum, vols. 514-516 2006, 1409-1423.

18. DUARTE, F, M., NOBREGA J. M., VIANA, J. C. – Controlled temperature jaws to improve material characterization by uniaxial hot tensile test. Polymer Testing. Vol. 25: nº 6 (2006) p. 772–781.

19 - DUARTE, F. M., BOTELHO, G., MACHADO, A. V., Photo-degradability of Ketone Modified PS/HIPS Blends, Polymer Testing, vol. 25, nº 1, 2006,. 91-97.

20 - DUARTE, F. M., COVAS, J. A., Multilayer plug assisted thermoforming – concept and practical usefulness, Mat. Sci. Forum, vols. 514-516, 2006, 1467-1471.

21 - FANGUEIRO, R., NUNES, J. P, SILVA., J. F., ARAÚJO, M. E NOVAIS, F. Development of GF/PP Towpreg Woven Fabrics for Composite Reinforcements, Mat. Sci. Forum, vols. 514-516 2006, 1551-1556.

22 - FERNANDES, A. C.; VAZ, F.; LANCEROS-MÉNDEZ, S.; MACHADO, A.V.; PARREIRA, N.M.G.; PIERSON, J. F.; MARTIN, N. - Property changes in decorative TiCxOy thin films: effect of the O/Ti ratio. Thin Solid Films .Vol. 515 (2006), p. 866–871.

23 - FERNANDES, C. S., DIAS, R., NÓBREGA, J. M., AFONSO, I. M., MELO, L. F. MAIA, J. M. - Thermal Behaviour of Stirred Yoghurt During Cooling in Plate Heat Exchangers, J. Food Engineering, vol. 76: nº 3 2006, 433-439.

24. FILIPE, S., CIDADE, M. T., MAIA, J. M. - Uniaxial Extensional Flow Behavior of Immiscible and Compatibilised Polypropylene/Liquid Crystalline Polymer Blends, Rheol. Acta, published online October 06, (2006).

25 - FILIPE, S., CIDADE, M. T., WILHELM, M., LEAL, C.R., MAIA, J. M. - Evolution of the morphological and rheological properties along the extruder length for compatibilized blends of a commercial liquid-crystalline polymer and polypropylene. J. Appl. Polym. Sci., vol. 99 2006, 347-359.

26 - FILIPE, S., MAIA, J. M., LEAL, C., CIDADE, M. T. - Optimisation of Rodrun LC3000/PP Compatibilised Blends: Influence of The Compatibiliser and LCP Contents on the Rheological, Morphological and Mechanical Properties, J. Polym. Eng., vol. 26, 2006, 511.

27 - GHOSH S., VIANA J.C., REIS R.L., MANO J.F., Osteochondral Tissue Engineering Constructs With a Cartilage Part Made of Poly(L-Lactic Acid) / Starch Blend and a Bioactive Poly(L-Lactic Acid) Composite Layer for Subchondral Bone, Key Engineering Materials, vols. 309-311, Part 1-2, 2006, 1109 -1112.

28 - LEER, C.; CARNEIRO, O. S.; COVAS, J. A.; MAIA, J. M.; VAN HATTUM, F. W.J.; BERNARDO, C. A.; BIRO, L.; HORVATH, Z; KIRICSI, I. – Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes in Polycarbonate and its Effect on the Composite Properties. Mat. Sci. Forum, vols. 514-516,2006, 1125-1130.

29. LEER, C.; VAN HATTUM, F. W. J.; GASPAR-CUNHA, A.; CARNEIRO, O. S.; BERNARDO, C. A. – Tailored-Shear Extrusion Carbon Nanofibre/Polyamide Composites and its Effect on the Electrical Percolation Threshold. Plast., Rubber Compos.: Macromol. Eng., vol. 35, 6/7 (2006)

30 - MACHADO A.V:, BOTELHO G., REBELO P., Thermogravimetric Study of Polyethylene Catalytic Degradation by Zeolites, Mat. Sci. Forum, vols. 514 -516 2006, 901-904;

31 - MACHADO A. V., YQUELl V., COVAS J. A., FLAT J.-J., GHAMRI N., WOLLNY A., The Effect of the Compatibilization Route of PA/PO Blends on the Physico-chemical Phenomena Developing along a Twin-Screw Extruder, Macromol. Symp., 233, 2006, 86-94.

32 - MACHADO A. V., DUIN M. Van, COVAS J. A., Dynamic Vulcanisation of EPDM-Based Thermoplastic Vulcanisates during Extrusion: Effect of Processing Conditions, Mat. Sci. Forum, vols.  514-516, 2006,. 838-842.

33. MACHADO, A. V.; COVAS, J. A. Dynamic Vulcanisation of EPDM-Based Thermoplastic Vulcanisates during Extrusion: Effect of Processing Conditions, Mat. Sci. Forum, Vols.  514-516, (2006), p. 838-842.

34. MACHADO, A. V.; NEVES, I. C.; BOTELHO G., Thermogravimetric Study of Polyethylene Catalytic Degradation by Zeolites, Mat. Sci. Forum, Vols. 514 -516 (2006), p. 901-904.

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41 - OLIVEIRA, M.J.; BRITO, A.M.; COSTA, M.F.; COSTA, M.C. – Gloss and Surface Topography of ABS: a Study on the Influence of the Injection Molding Parameters; Polym. Eng. Sci. 46 (2007) 1394-1401

42 - PICK, L.T.; HARKIN-JONES, E.; OLIVEIRA, M.J.; CRAMEZ, M.C. – The effect of cooling rate on the impact and dynamic mechanical properties of rotationally moulded metallocene catalysed linear low density polyethylene. J. Appl. Polym. Sci., vol. 101: nº 3 2006,1963-1971.

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65 - MUSAMPA, R. M., ALVES, M. M., MAIA, J. M.- Phase Separation, Rheology and Microstructure of Pea Protein-Kappa-Carrageenan Mixtures. Food Hydrocolloids, 2006, published online April 17, 2006.

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68 - BÁRTOLO, P. J. - Photo-Curing Modelling: Direct Irradiation, Int J Adv Manuf Technol. 2006, DOI: 10.1007/s00170-005-0374-5

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