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2007 Scientific Output


If you want to download PDF files of these papers, please contact  the Secretariat. If you have already received access information, click here to download the PDFs.

Book Chapters

1. AGASSANT, J-F.; COVAS, J. A. - An Overview of Polymer Processing Modelling, in Advances in Material Forming, Springer-Verlag, F. Chinesta, E. Cueto (eds.), Paris, 2007, 37-59. 

2. DE MICCO, S.;  FRONTINI, P.M., VIANA, J.C. - Fracture Behaviour of Injection Moulded Polypropylene: the Effect of Processing Conditions. in POUZADA, A.S; FRONTINI, P.M.; MARTIN, P.J. (Eds.)  – Engineering with Polymers: an Europe – Latin America Research Experience. Guimarães: Plastinet network, 2007.

3. DENCHEV, Z. - Biodegradation Studies on Polymer Blends and Composites Comprising Biopolymer in: Engineering Biopolymers - Homopolymers, Blends and Composites, S. Fakirov, D. Bhattacharya (Eds), 2007, Hanser Publishers, p. 799-846, ISBN 978-1-56990-405-3.

4. FERNANDES, C. S., NÓBREGA, M. N. and MAIA, J. M. – CFD simulation of stirred yoghurt processing in plate heat exchangers. In Computational Fluid Dynamics in Food Processing; Sun, D.-W. (ed.),  2007. pp. 381-402. ISBN 0-8493-9286-1.

5. FERREIRA, J.; FONSECA, C.M., GASPAR-CUNHA, A.; - Selection of solutions in a multi-objective environment: polymer extrusion a case study. In Evolutionary Methods For Design, Optimization And Control, P. Neittaanmäki, J. Périaux and T. Tuovinen (Eds.), 2007, in press, CIMNE, Barcelona, Spain.

6. GONÇALVES, M.W.; SALMORIA, G.V.; POUZADA, A.S. - Study of the Tribological Properties of Moulds Obtained by Stereolithography. in POUZADA, A.S; FRONTINI, P.M.; MARTIN, P.J. (Eds.)  – Engineering with Polymers: an Europe – Latin America Research Experience. Guimarães: Plastinet network, 2007.

7. JAKELAITIS, A.; CANEVAROLO JR, S.; COVAS, J.A. - Morphology Development During Melt Preparation of PP/PS Blends, in POUZADA, A.S; FRONTINI, P.M.; MARTIN, P.J. (Eds.) – Engineering with Polymers: an Europe – Latin America Research Experience. Guimarães: Plastinet network, 2007.

8. MARTÍNEZ GAMBA, M.; FRONTINI, P.; POUZADA, A.S. - Impact Properties and Microhardness of Glass Reinforced Polypropylene. in POUZADA, A.S; FRONTINI, P.M.; MARTIN, P.J. (Eds.) – Engineering with Polymers: an Europe – Latin America Research Experience. Guimarães: Plastinet network, 2007.

9. MATEUS, A.; BÁRTOLO, P. J.; MITCHELL, G.; SILVA, M.; POUZADA, A.S.; PONTES, A.J. – The effect of thermal conductivity of RIM moulds in kinetics cure. In Advanced Research in Virtual and Rapid Prototyping; Bártolo, P.J. et al. (Eds.). London: Taylor and Francis, 2007, p. 389, ISBN 13:978-0-415-41602-3.

10. MORELLI, C.L.; SOUSA, J.A.; POUZADA, A.S. – Assessment of Weld Line Performance of Polypropylene/Talc Mouldings Produced in Hot Runner Injection Moulds, in POUZADA, A.S; FRONTINI, P.M.; MARTIN, P.J. (Eds.)  – Engineering with Polymers: an Europe – Latin America Research Experience. Guimarães: Plastinet network, 2007.

11. NÓBREGA, J. M. and Carneiro, O. S., Automatic Design in Profile Extrusion: Flow Balance and Cooling. In Novel Trends in Rheology II; Zatloukal, M. (ed.), 2007, pp. 124-130. ISBN 978-80-7318-591-6.

12. SENCADAS, V.,  LANCEROS-MENDÉZ, S.; GREGORIO JR., R.; POUZADA, A.S. - Influence of the Processing Conditions on the Morphology and Crystalline Phases of PVDF in POUZADA, A.S; FRONTINI, P.M.; MARTIN, P.J. (Eds.) – Engineering with Polymers: an Europe – Latin America Research Experience. Guimarães: Plastinet network, 2007.

13. VAZ, C. M.; CUNHA, A. M. – Soy-Base Materials for Drug-Release Applications. In Fakirov, S.; Bhattacharyya, D. (Eds.) – Handbook of Engineering Biopolymers: Homopolymers, Blends, and Composites. Munich: Hanser Publishers, 2007, p. 465–484,. ISBN 978-1-56990-405-3. 

International Publications in Peer-reviewed Journals

1. APOSTOLOV, A.; EVSTATIEV, M.; DENCHEV, Z.; FRIEDRICH, K.; FAKIROV, S. -  Effect of composition on transcrystallization with reorientation of polypropylene in drawn PET/PP blend, Journal of Material Science, Vol. 42, nº 1 (2007), p. 1245-1250. 

2. ARAÚJO, R.; FERNANDES, F. M.; PROENÇA, M. F.; SILVA, C. J. R.; PAIVA, M. C. - The 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reaction in the Functionalization of Carbon Nanofibers. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Vol.7 (2007), p. 3441–3445. 

3. ARAÚJO, R.; PAIVA, M. C.; PROENÇA, M. F.; SILVA, C. J. R. - Functionalization of Carbon Nanofibers by 1,3 - Dipolar Cycloaddition Reactions and its Effect on Composite Properties. Composite Science and Technology. Vol. 67 (2007), p. 806-810. 

4. CANTO, L. B.; MANTOVANI, G. L.; COVAS, J. A.; HAGE JR. E.; PESSAN, L. A.; - Phase Morphology Development During Processing of Compatibilized and Uncompatibilized PBT/ABS Blends, J. Appl. Polym. Sci., 104 (1) 102-110 (2007). 

5. CARNEIRO; O. S.; OLIVEIRA, M. J.; MARTINS, R. L. – Effect of the Pinch-Off Welding on the Quality of a Food Packaging Bottle. Plast., Rubber Compos.: Macromol. Eng. Vol. 36 (2007), p. 173-178. 

6. CRUZ, P. J. S., LEON, A. D., NUNES, J. P., LEUNG, C. K. Y. - Design and Mechanical Characterization of Fibre Optic Plate Sensor for Cracking Monitoring. Sensors and Materials. Vol. 18 nº 6 (2007), p. 283-299.

7. DENCHEVA, N.; DENCHEV, Z.; OlLIVEIRA, MJ.; FUNARI, SS. -  Relationship between Crystalline Structure and Mechanical Behavior in Isotropic and Oriented Polyamide 6, Journal of Applied Polymer Science Vol. 103 nº2 (2007), p.2242-2252. 

8. FERNANDES, C. S.; DIAS, R.; NÓBREGA, J. M.; MAIA, J. M. - Laminar flows in chevron-type plate heat exchangers: CFD analysis of tortuosity, shape factor and friction factor. Chem. Eng. & Processing. Vol. 46: nº 9 (2007), pp. 825-833. 

9. FERNANDES, F. M.; ARAÚJO, R.; PROENÇA, M. F.; SILVA, C. J. R.; PAIVA, M. C. - Functionalization of Carbon Nanofibers by a Diels-Alder Addition Reaction. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Vol. 7 (2007), p. 3514–3518. 

10. FILIPE, S.; MAIA, J. M.; LEAL, C. R.; MENON, A. R.; DUARTE, A.; CIDADE, M. T. - Influence of processing conditions on the morphological development and final mechanical properties of PP/LCP blends. J. Appl. Polym. Sci. Vol. 105: nº 3 (2007), pp. 1521-1532. 

11. GHOSH S, VIANA JC, REIS RL, MANO JF – Effect of processing conditions on morphology and mechanical properties of injection-molded poly(L-lactic acid), Polym. Eng. Sci., 47, (2007) p. 1141-1147. 

12. GHOSH S.; VIANA J.C, REIS R.L.; MANO, J.F.  - The double porogen approach as a new technique for the fabrication of interconnected poly(L-lactic acid) and starch based biodegradable scaffolds - Journal of Materials Science-Materials In Medicine. 18 (2), (2007), p. 185-193. 

13. GONÇALVES, M.W.; SALMORIA, G.V.; AHRENS, C.H.; POUZADA, A.S. - Study of tribological properties of moulds obtained by stereolithography, Virtual and Physical Prototyping, vol. 2:1, (2007). pp. 29-36. 

14. GUIMARÃES, D.A., PONTES, A.J., – CAD/CAE techniques to prevent premature failure in direct AIM moulding inserts. In Bártolo, P.J. et al. (Eds.) Advanced Research in Virtual and Rapid Prototyping, London: Taylor and Francis, 2007. ISBN  13:978-0-415-41602-3. p. 431-336.

15. HANCIC, A.; KOSEL F.; CAMPOS, A. R.; CUNHA, A. M.; GANTAR, G. – A model for predicting the mechanical properties of wood-plastic composites – A micro-mechanical approach. Strojniski Vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering. Vol. 53, (2007), p. 819-833.

16. LYUDMIL T., VIANA J.C. – Characterization of PET nanocomposites produced by different melt-based production methods, J. Applied Polym Sci., 106 (3), (2007), p. 1659-1669. 

17. MACHADO, A. V.; DUARTE, F. M.; BOTELHO, G.; MOURA, I. -Photochemical ageing and processability of life time controlled PS/HIPS blends. Journal of Applied Polymer Science. 105, (2007), p. 2930. 

18. MACHADO, A. V.; MOURA, I., DUARTE, F. M.; BOTELHO, NOGUEIRA, R.; BRITO, A. G. - Evaluation of Properties and Biodeterioration’s Potential of Polyethylene and Aliphatic Polyesters Blends. Intern. Polymer Processing. Vol.XXII, 5 (2007). 

19. MARTINS, C.I.; CAKMAK, M. - Control the strain-induced crystallization of polyethylene terephthalate by temporally varying deformation rates: A mechano-optical study.  Polymer. Vol. 48 (2007) 2109-2123. 

20. MORELLI C.L.; SOUSA, J.A.; POUZADA, A.S. - Assessment of weld line performance of pp/talc moldings produced in hot runner injection moulds, J. Vinyl Appl. Technology, vol. 13, (2007). pp. 159-165. 

21. MUSAMPA; R. M., ALVES; M. M.; MAIA, J. M. - Phase separation, rheology and microstructure of pea protein-kappa-carrageenan mixtures. Food Hydrocolloid. Vol. 21 (2007), pp. 92-99. 

22. NEVES, I. C.; BOTELHO, G.; MACHADO, A. V.; REBELO, P. - Catalytic degradation of polyethylene: an evaluation of the effect of dealuminated Y Zeolites using thermal analysis. Materials Chemistry and Physics. 104, (2007), p. 5. 

23. NEVES, I. C.; BOTELHO, G.; MACHADO, A. V.; REBELO, P.; RAMÔA, S., PEREIRA, M.F.R.; RAMANATHAN, A.; PESCARMONA P. Feedstock Recycling of polyethylene over AlTUD mesoporous materials. Polymer Degradation and Stability. 92, (2007), p.1513. 

24. PAIVA, M.C.; AMMAR, I.; CAMPOS, A.R.; CHEIKH, R. B.; CUNHA, A. M. - Alfa fibres: mechanical, morphological and interfacial characterization. Composites Science and Technology. Vol. 67 (2007), p. 1132-1138. 

25. SILVA CA, VIANA JC, CUNHA AM - Novel morphologies produced by active shear rotation during injection molding, Macrom. Mat. And Eng., 292, (2007), p. 655-665  

26. SILVA, C.A; VIANA, J.C.; VAN HATTUM, F.W.; CUNHA, A.M. - Mechanical Properties of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polypropylene Disks Produced by Rotating, Expansion and Compression Injection Moulding, J. Mat. Sci., 42, (2007), p. 5203-5216. 

27. SILVA, J. M.; MACHADO, A.V.; MAIA, J. M. – Rheological behaviour of compatibilized and non-compatibilized PA-6/EPM blends. Rheol. Acta. Vol. 46: nº 8 (2007), pp. 1091-1097. 

28. VIANA J.C:, CUNHA A. M., BILLON N., - Experimental Characterization and Computational Simulations of the Impact Behavior of Injection-Molded Polymers, Polymer Engineering and Science, Vol: 47, Issue: 4 (2007), p. 337-346.

National Publications in Peer-reviewed Journal

1. GUIMARÃES, D.A., ALVES, A.; PONTES, A.J. – The use of stereolithography in direct tooling. O Molde (bi-lingual edition in Portuguese and English), vol. 73 (2007), p.10-16.

2. SELADA, A.; POUZADA, A.S. – µEDM – their various options for micromanufacturing / µEDM - As várias opções para micromanufactura, O Molde (bi-lingual edition in Portuguese and English), vol. 75, (2007), p.15-20.

3. SILVA, M.; MATEUS, A.; BÁRTOLO, P.J.; POUZADA, A.S.; PONTES, A.J. – Influence of mould material in products moulded by RIM, O Molde (bi-lingual edition in Portuguese and English), vol. 75, (2007) p.22-26.

4. VELOSA, J. C., NUNES, J. P., ANTUNES, P. J., SILVA, J. F., MARQUES, A. T. - Development of A New Generation of Filament Wound Composite Pressure Cylinders. Ciência & Tecnologia dos Materiais, Vol. 19: nº1/2 (2007), p. 8-13.


MSc Theses

1. COSTA, J.C.P. – Estudo do Comportamento dos Anti-Estáticos em Espuma de Polietileno não Reticulada Universidade do Minho, Guimarães. 

2. GOMES; A. A. P – Controlo da Temperatura superficial do molde e o empeno de peças moldadas, Universidade do Minho, Guimarães.

3. GUIMARÃES; D. J. B. A. – Cavidades Moldantes Produzidas por Estereolitografia, Universidade do Minho, Guimarães.

4. HELDER; N – Analysis of multi-scale techniques and their application to paper Universidade do Minho, Guimarães.

5. PEREIRA; D. C. C – Estudo do efeito do aquecimento diferencial na melhoria da distribuição de espessuras de peças obtidas por termoformação assistida por punção, Universidade do Minho, Guimarães.

6. PEREIRA, J.C.V. – Reservatórios em Material Compósito para Fluidos sob Pressão, Universidade do Minho, Guimarães.

7. SANTOS, M. – Geometric Integration of a molecular dynamics problem with energy dissipation, Universidade do Minho, Guimarães.

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