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2010 Scientific Performance

At the end of 2010 there were 26 PhD holding members and 78 researchers and post-graduation students working at the Institute, which in that year were responsible for the publication of 64 articles in peer-reviewed journals (11 other were in press), 9 chapters of internationally edited books (3 other were in press), and 5 PhD and 2 MSc theses. Additionally, 89 communications were presented in international scientific conferences, 6 articles were published in national journals and 2 patents were granted to, or applied for, by members of IPC. This output is consistent with the trend of the last years, albeit with some variations from year to year. Concurrently, there was an undeniable consolidation of the international visibility of the members of the Institute, as a result of increasing editorial activities, of the consistent organization of scientific events and invitations for conferences and of the award of international prizes.

If you want to download PDF files of these papers, please contact the Secretariat. If you have already received access information, clickhereto download the PDFs.


1. CRUZ-CUNHA, M. M., TAVARES, A. J., SIMOES, R. (Eds.). (2010). Handbook of Research on Developments in e-Health and Telemedicine: Technological and Social Perspectives. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference. ISBN 978-1615206704.

2. GAO X.Z., GASPAR-CUNHA A, KöPPEN M, SCHAEFER G, WANG J. (Eds.) Soft computing in industrial applications: algorithms, integration, and success stories, series: advances in intelligent and soft computing, Springer, Vol. 75, 2010, ISBN: 1867-5662.

3. SILVA, A., SIMOES, R. (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Trends in Product Design and Development: Technological and Organizational Perspectives. Hershey, PA: Business Science Reference, 2010, ISBN 978-1615206179

Book Chapters

1. AFONSO J.A., . MACEDO P, ROCHA L.A, CORREIA J.H.,Hierarchical Wireless Networks of Body Sensor Networks for Healthcare Applications, Chapter 3. M. M. Cruz-Cunha, A. J. Tavares, and R.S. Simões (eds), IGI Global  publishers, New York, 2010, p. 65, ISBN 978-1-61520-670-4.

2. ALMEIDA M. F., MACHADO A. V., COVAS J. A.,Using TEM and SEM to unveil the role of nanoclays in polymer blends, in A. Méndez-Vilas, J Diaz (eds.) Microscopy: Science, Technology, Applications and Education, Microscopy Book Series, 2010 Edition, Vol 3, pp. 1735-1740, ISBN - (13): 978-84-614-6191-2.

3. CUNHA, M. M.; TAVARES, A. J..; SIMOES, R.; GuiMarket: an e-Marketplace of Healthcare and Social Care Services for Individuals with Special Needs, in: Handbook of Research on Developments in e-Health and Telemedicine: Technological and Social Perspectives; M. M. Cruz-Cunha, A. J. Tavares & R. Simões (Eds.), Information Science Reference, Hershey, PA, 2010, p. 904-917. ISBN 978-1615206186.

5. FONTES, D.B.M.M.; GASPAR-CUNHA, A., On Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms, in Handbook of Multicriteria Analysis, C. Zopounidis, P. M. Pardalos (Eds.), Applied Optimization Book Series, Vol. 103, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2010, p. 287-310.

6. MAIA J., COVAS J. A., CINDIO B. DE, GABRIELE D., Rheology in Materials Engineering, in Rheology, [Ed. Crispulo Gallegos], in Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), Developed under the Auspices of the UNESCO, Eolss Publishers, Oxford, UK [http://www.eolss.net] (64 pages plus 58 figures) 2010, Vol. 2 Cap. 4, p. 111-192.

7. SAMPAIO, A. M.; PONTES, A. J.; SIMOES, R.; Embedded RFID Solutions Challenges for Product Design and Development, in: Handbook of Research on Trends in Product Design and Development: Technological and Organizational Perspectives; A. Silva & R. Simoes (Eds.), Business Science Reference, Hershey, PA, 2010, p. 106-118. ISBN 978-1615206186.

Publications in Peer-reviewed Journals

1. AAD, G; ABAT, E; ABBOTT, B, et al. - Charged-particle multiplicities in pp interactions at root s=900 GeV measured with the ATLAS detector at the LHC ATLAS Collaboration, Physics Letters B, Vol. 688, 1 (2010) pp. 21-42.

2. AFONSO J. A., MACEDO P., SILVA H. D., CORREIA J. H., ROCHA L. A., Design and Implementation of Multi-User Wireless Body Sensor Networks, International Journal on Advances in Networks and Services 3 (2010), 62-74.

3. ALMEIDA, M.F.; MACHADO, A.V.; COVAS, J.A., The Morphology during Extrusion of PA6/PP Blends in the Presence of Nanoclays , Materials Science Forum, Vols. 636-637 (2010) p. 840-845.

4. ARAÚJO, M. A.; CUNHA, A. M.; MOTA, M., Changes on surface morphology of corn starch blend films. Journal of biomedical materials research. Vol. 94A, (2010), p. 720-729.

5. BARROSO, E. G.;  DUARTE, F. M.; COUTO, M.; JOÃO M. MAIA, J. M., High strain rate rheological characterization of low viscosity fluids, Polymer Testing, Vol. 29, (2010), p. 419-424.

6. BEN ABDALLAH,  F.; BEN CHEIKH,  R.; BACLOUTI, M.; DENCHEV, Z.; CUNHA A. M., Effect of surface treatment in cork reinforced composites, J. Polym. Res Vol. 17(2010), p. 519-528.

7. BERNARDO G., VESELY D., Anomalous swelling of a Polystyrene Matrix in Organic Solvents, Journal of Applied Polymer Science. Vol. 115, (2010), p. 2402-2408.

8. BERNARDO G., VESELY D., Equilibrium Swelling of Polystyrene by Alkanes and Carboxylic Acids: A Simple Quantitative Correlation Model, Journal of Applied Polymer Science. Vol. 116, (2010), p. 1348-1356.

9. BESSA, P. C.; MACHADO, R.; NUMBERGER, S.; DOPLER, D.; BANERJEE, A.; CUNHA, A. M.; RODRÍGUEZ-CABELLO, J.C.; REDL, H.; VAN GRIENSVEN, M.; REIS, R. L.; CASAL, M., Thermoresponsive self-assembled elastin-based nanoparticles for delivery of BMPs. Journal of controlled release. Vol. 142, (2010), p. 312-318.

10. BRAGA, I.; ABREU, M. J; DUARTE, F.M., Simulating human physiological response with a thermal manikin testing different non active medical devices. Materials Science Forum. Vol. 636-637, (2010), p. 36-40.

11. CARDOSO, P.; SILVA, J.; PALEO, A. J.; VAN HATTUM, F.W.J.; SIMOES, R.; LANCEROS-MENDEZ, S., The dominant role of tunneling in the conductivity of carbon nanofiber-epoxy composites, Phys. Status Solidi A, Vol. 207, p. 407 (2010), DOI 10.1002/pssa.200925334.

12. CORRELO V., COSTA-PINTO A. R, SOL P., COVAS J. A, BHATTACHARYA M., NEVES N. M., REIS R. L., Melt Processing of Chitosan-Based Fibers and Fiber-Mesh Scaffolds for the Engineering of Connective Tissues, Macromol. Biosci, 2010, 10 DOI: 10.1002/mabi.201000011.

13. COSTA, S.F.; DUARTE, F.M; COVAS, J.A., Modelling of the Thermal Behaviour of Free Form Extrusion. Materials Science Forum. Vol. 636-637, (2010), p. 833-839.

14. CUSTÓDIO, F. J. M. F.; ANDERSON, P. D.; PETERS, G. W. M.; CUNHA, A. M.; MEIJER, H. E. H., Residual stresses in gas-assisted injection molding. Rheologica acta. Vol. 49, (2010), p. 23-44.

15. DENCHEV, Z.; DENCHEVA, N.; FUNARI, S. S.; MOTOVILIN, M.; SCHUBERT, T.; STRIBECK, N., Nanostructure and mechanical properties studied during dynamical straining of microfibrillar reinforced HDPE/PA Blends, J. Polym Sci: Part B: Polym. Phys. Vol 48 (2010), p. 237-250.

16. DENCHEVA, N.; DENCHEV, Z; OLIVEIRA, M J.; FUNARI S. S., Microstructure studies of in situ composites based on HDPE/PA12 blends, Macromolecules Vol. 43 (2010), p. 4715-4726.

17. DENCHEVA, N.; OLIVEIRA, M. J.; CARNEIRO, O. S.; POUZADA, A. S.; DENCHEV, Z., Preparation, structural development and mechanical properties of microfibrilar composite materials based on polyethylene/polyamide 6 oriented blends. J. Appl. Polym. Sci. Vol. 115 (2010), p. 2918-2932.

18. DIAS R. A., CRETU E., WOLFFENBUTTE R.F. L, ROCHA L. A., Characterization of a Pull-In Based μg resolution Accelerometer Procedia Engineering, Volume 5, 2010, Pages 1075-1078.

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20. DOMINGUES, N.; CAMESASCA, M.; KAUFMAN, M.; MANAS-ZLOCZOWER, I.; GASPAR-CUNHA, A.; COVAS, J.A., Modeling of Agglomerate Dispersion in Single Screw Extruders, International Polymer Processing, Vol. 25 (2010) p. 251-257.

21. DOMINGUES, N.; GASPAR-CUNHA, A.; COVAS, J.A.; CAMESASCA, M.; KAUFMAN, M.; MANAS-ZLOCZOWER, I., Dynamics of Filler Size and Spatial Distribution in a Plasticating Single Screw Extruder – Modeling and Experimental Observations, International Polymer Processing, Vol. 25 (2010) p. 188-198.

22. FERNANDES, C.; PONTES, A.J.; VIANA, J.C.; GASPAR-CUNHA, A., Using multiobjective evolutionary algorithms in the optimization of operating conditions of polymer injection molding. Polymer Engineering & Science. Vol. 50 (2010) p. 1667-1678.

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24. GASPAR-CUNHA A. , COVAS J. A., DOMINGUES N., Estimation of the Morphology Development of Immiscible Liquid-Liquid Systems during Single Screw Extrusion, Polym Eng Sci, 50 (2010) 2194-2204.

25. GONZÁLEZ, D.; CAMPOS, A. R.; CUNHA, A. M.; SANTOS, V.; PARAJÓ, J. C., Utilization of fibers obtained by peroxyformic acid processing of broom as reinforcing agents for biocomposites. BioResources. Vol. 5, (2010), p. 2591-2610

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27. LEITE, J.L.; RASTEIRO, M.G.; SALMORIA, G.V.; AHRENS, C.H.; POUZADA, A.S., Epoxy/Steel Fibre Composites - A Simple Model To Predict The Fibre Sedimentation, Polym. Compos., VOL. 31, 8 (2010), PP. 1378-1386   PUBLISHED ONLINE DOI 10.1002/PC.20923.

28. LOPES, P.E.; VAN HATTUM, F.W.J.; PERREIRA, C.M.C.; NÓVOA, P.J.R.O.; FERREO, S.;.HEPP, F.; PAMBAGUIAN, L., High CNT content composites with CNT bucky paper and epoxy resin matrix: impregnation behaviour, composite production and characterization. Composite Structures. Vol. 92, (2010), p. 1291-1298.

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National Publications in Peer-reviewed Journals

1. CARVALHO, M.A., DUARTE, F.M., HEINRICH, D.P., LOPES, C.G.– Adaptação de vestuário para pessoas com deficiência motora, Revista Diversidades, Nº 30, 24-26 (2010), p.24-26. ISSN 1646-1819.

2. CARVALHO, M.A., SANTOS, J., ALVES, P., PONTES, L., DUARTE, F.M. – Monitorização de desconforto em pessoas com sensibilidade reduzida – Prevenção de úlceras de pressão, Nursing – Edição Portuguesa (aceite para publicação).

3. MOURA I., MACHADO A.V.,  NOGUEIRA R., V. BOUNOR-LEGARE. - Synthesis And Characterization Of Biodegradable Grafted Copolymers, Semana de Engenharia 2010, Guimarães, Portugal: 11-15 Outubro, 2010.

4. PAIVA M. C., SANTOS L. R., CARVALHO M. T. – Análise de Misturas de Plásticos: Contribuição para a Reciclagem Material. Valorização de Resíduos (publicação semestral do CVR), nº 15 (2010), p.11-14

5. POUZADA, A.S.; COSTA, C.A.– Projeto e fabricação de moldes para injeção de plásticos – como promover a inovação e o desenvolvimento sustentados, Ferramental, vol. 5:19, p.15-17, (2010).

6. SANTOS, R.M.; BOTELHO, G.; MACHADO, A.V. - Avaliação Da Fotodegradação De Abs Exposto A Condições Naturais, Ciência E Tecnologia Dos Materiais, SPM, 22 (2010) 87-90.

7. SEPÚLVEDA, A.T., SAMPAIO, M., CORTEZ, J., PONTES, A.J. – Characterization Of Micro-Mouldings At Different Processing Conditions: Microstructure And Mechanical Properties. O molde (edição bilingue português-inglês), (2010).



1. ALÍPIO, C. A., MAIA, J. M., DUARTE, F. M., AZEVEDO, A. G. – Artigo absorvente biodegradável para higiene pessoal, (ref. upin pat.0299). Pedido nº PT 20101000019981 e extensão internacional, Março 2010.

2. FERREIRA, J. C, NUNES, J. P, SILVA, J. F., MARQUES, A. T. - Pole in Thermoplastic Matrix Composite, Patente Internacional nº WO/2010/071466, Junho 2010.


PhD Theses

1. ANTUNES, C. - Dynamic Vulcanisation of EPDM/PP blends: Effect of Viscosity Ratio, Composition and Cross-linking on Morphology Development, Universidade do Minho, 2010. Tese de Doutoramento.

2. BARROSO, E - Study and optimization of PVC coated fabrics for digital print applications, Universidade do Minho, 2010. Tese de Doutoramento.

3. BENABDALLAH F - Development of Composite Materials based on Blends of Tunisian Cork and Polypropylene, École Nationale des Ingénieurs de Tunis, 2010, Tese de Doutoramento.

4. LEER, C - Production of thermoplastic carbon nanofibre composite masterbatches through tailored extrusion processing, modelling and optimisation. Universidade do Minho, Guimaraes, 2010. Tese de Doutoramento.

5. MARTINHO, P.M.G. - Mechanical design for hybrid moulds - mechanical and thermal performance implications, Guimarães: Universidade do Minho,  2010. Tese de Doutoramento.

6. VASCO, J.C. – A study on the performance of microinjection moulds obtained using additive manufacturing, Guimarães: Universidade do Minho,  2010. Tese de Doutoramento.


MSc Theses

1. LIMA, F. A. F. - Estudo da resistência da soldadura de perfis em PVC, Universidade do Minho, Guimarães, 2010. Dissertação de Mestrado.

2. RODRIGUES, A.R.M - Produção de peças bi-material de PP com nanocompósitos de PP aplicações estruturais e eléctricas, Universidade do Minho, Guimarães, 2010. Dissertação de Mestrado.

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