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All People: António Augusto Magalhães da Cunha

António Augusto Magalhães da Cunha
Department of Polymer Engineering
University of Minho, Campus de Azurém
4800-058, Guimarães
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
253 510 320
Academic Staff
Microstructural development on moulded polymers. Non-conventional injection moulding techniques. Moddeling the behaviour of polymeric systems.
WANG, J.; SILVA, C. A.; VIANA, J. C.; VAN HATTUM, F.; CUNHA, A. M.; TUCKER III – Prediction of fiber orientation in a rotating compressing and expanding mold. Polymer engineering and science. Vol. 48, (2008), p. 1405-1413.

ARAÚJO, M. A.; CUNHA, A. M.; MOTA, M. – Enzymatic degradation of starch thermoplastic blends using samples of different thickness. Journal of materials science: Materials in medicine. Vol. 20, (2009), p. 607-614.

ARAÚJO, B. J.; TEIXEIRA, J. C. F.; CUNHA, A. M.; GROTH, C. P. T. –Parallel three-dimensional simulation of the injection molding process. International journal for numerical methods in fluids. Vol. 59, (2009), p. 801-815.

SIMÕES, C. L.; VIANA, J. C.; CUNHA, A. M. - Mechanical Properties of Poly(e-caprolactone) and Poly(lactic acid) Blends. Journal of Applied Polymer Science. Vol. 112, (2009), p. 345–352.

MACHADO, R.; RIBEIRO, A. J.; PADRÃO, J.; SILVA, D.; NOBRE, A.; TEIXEIRA, J.A.; ARIAS, F.J.; CUNHA, A. M.; RODRÍGUEZ-CABELLO, J.C.; CASAL, M. – Exploiting the sequence of naturally occurring elastin: Construction, production and characterization of a recombinant thermoplastic protein-based polymer. Journal of Nano Research. Vol. 6, (2009), p. 133-145.