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All People: Isabel Moura

Isabel Moura
Polymer Engineering Department
Universidade do Minho
Campus de Azurém, 4800-058 Guimarães
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(+351) 967408334
Post-Doc Researcher
Degree in Applied Chemistry – Quality Control of Plastic Materials,
Organic and Inorganic Chemistry / Chemistry Laboratory Skills / Polymer Chemistry and Characterization
Quality Control on Polymer Processing / Subjects Related to Engineering (Physics, Mathematics, etc…)
- César Bernardo, I. Moura, Y. Núnez Fernández, Eduardo J. Nunes-Pereira, Paulo J. G. Coutinho, Arlindo M. Fontes Garcia, Peter Schellenberg, Michael Belsley, Manuel F. Costa, Tobias Stauber, Mikhail I. Vasilevskiy “Energy Transfer via Exciton Transport in Quantum Dot Based Self-Assembled Fractal Structures” The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Vol. 118, 4982-4990, 2014

- I. Moura, G. Botelho, A.V. Machado, "Characterization of EVA/PLA Blends When Exposed to Different Environments" Journal of Polymers and the Environment, Vol. 22, 1(2014)

- I. Moura, A.V. Machado, R. Nogueira, V. Bounor-Legare "Effect of PCL and EVA Molar Mass on the Development of Sustainable Polymers" Soft Materials, Vol. 12, 88-97 (2014)

- I. Moura, A.V. Machado, R. Nogueira, V. Bounor-Legare "Synthesis of EVA-g-PLA Copolymers Using Transesterification Reactions" Materials Chemistry and Physics, Vol. 134, 103-110 (2012)

- I. Moura, A.V. Machado, R. Nogueira, V. Bounor-Legare "Biobased Grafted Polyesters Prepared by In Situ Ring-Opening Polymerization" Reactive & Functional Polymers, Vol. 71, 694–703 (2011)
- School merit award, 2001-2002
- School merit award, 2002-2003
- University of Minho award, 2004-2005 (student with best final mark in the course)