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Principal Researcher: Gabriel Bernardo

Gabriel Bernardo
Department of Polymer Engineering
University of Minho, Campus de Azurém
4800-058, Guimarães
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
+351 253 510 336
Principal Researcher
Broad research interests in polymer physics and physical chemistry of polymers. Stimuli-responsive polymers for advanced technologies (polymer sensors and actuators; plastic optical fibers; polymer light-emitting diodes; polymer photovoltaics). Phase behavior in polymer-small molecule and polymer-nanoparticle systems. Sorption and diffusivity of small molecules in polymers.
G. Bernardo, D.G. Bucknall, “Recent Progress in the Understanding and Manipulation of Morphology in Polymer:Fullerene Photovoltaic Cells”, Optoelectronics, In-Tech Publications, ISBN 980-953-307-616-9, (2012) in press

G. Bernardo, R. P. Choudhury, H. W. Beckham, “Diffusivity of small molecules in polymers: Carboxylic acids in polystyrene”, Polymer 53 (2012) 976–983

G. Bernardo, “Diffusivity of Alcohols in Amorphous Polystyrene”, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, (2012) in press

G. Bernardo, Q. Ferreira, G. Brotas, R. E. Di Paolo, A. Charas, J. Morgado, “Synergistic effect on the efficiency of polymer light-emitting diodes upon
blending of two green-emitting polymers”, Journal of Applied Physics 108 (2010) 014503

G. Bernardo, A. Charas, L. Alcácer, J. Morgado, "Spin cast thin polymer interlayers in polymer light-emitting diodes: thickness control through use of cross-linkable polymers", Journal of Applied Physics 103 (2008) 084510
Fulbright Grant (6 months) for Portuguese Lecturers and Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology (Department of Materials Science), Atlanta, USA – October 2010 – April 2011